Jobbing Galvanizing lines

  • Materials Handling Equipment

    Materials Handling Equipment

    Fully automatic transfer units are equipment used in hot-dip galvanizing processes that are designed to automate and coordinate the transfer of materials between heating furnaces, galvanizing baths and cooling equipment. This equipment usually includes conveyor belts, rollers or other conveying devices, equipped with sensors and control systems to achieve automatic starting, stopping, speed adjustment and positioning, so that materials can be seamlessly transferred between various processes smoothly and efficiently. Fully automatic transfer devices play a key role in hot-dip galvanizing processing, improving production efficiency, reducing manual intervention, and reducing possible operating errors. Through automatic control and monitoring, this equipment can ensure the stability and consistency of materials during processing, thereby improving product quality and production capacity. In short, the fully automatic transmission device is an important automation equipment for the hot-dip galvanizing processing industry. It can optimize the production process, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and also provide a safer working environment for operators.

  • flux recycling and regenerating unit

    flux recycling and regenerating unit

    This equipment is designed to recycle and regenerate the slag and waste materials generated during the metal smelting process, reprocessing them into fluxes or auxiliary materials that can be used again. This equipment usually includes waste residue separation and collection systems, treatment and regeneration devices, and corresponding control and monitoring equipment. The waste slag is first collected and separated, and then through specific processing processes, such as drying, screening, heating or chemical treatment, it is reconverted into the appropriate form and quality so that it can be used again as a flux or deoxidizer in the metal smelting process. FLUX RECYCLING AND REGENERATING UNIT plays an important role in the metal smelting and processing industry. It can reduce production costs and waste emissions, while also playing a positive role in environmental protection. By effectively recycling and reusing waste residue, this equipment helps improve resource utilization and reduce dependence on resources, thereby achieving sustainable production.

  • Fluxing Tank Reprocessing & Regenerating System

    Fluxing Tank Reprocessing & Regenerating System

    Product Description The fluxing bath is being polluted by acid residues and above all by dissolved iron in Hot galvanizing plant . Consequently it makes the quality of the galvanizing process worse; moreover iron being entered by a polluted fluxing flow into the galvanizing bath binds itself with zinc and precipitates to the bottom, thus increasing dross. A continuous treatment of the fluxing bath will help you get rid of this problem and cut the zinc consumption dramatically. The contin...
  • pretreatment drum & Heating

    pretreatment drum & Heating

    Product Description Pretreatment is the key process of hot-dip galvanizing, which has a key impact on the quality of galvanized products. Pretreatment heating includes: degreasing, rust removal, water washing, plating aid, drying process, etc. At present, in the domestic hot-dip galvanizing industry, the concrete granite pickling tank is widely used. With the introduction of advanced hot-dip galvanizing technology in Europe and America, PP (polypropylene)/PE (polyethylene) pickling tank...
  • White Fume Enclosure Exhausting & Filtering System

    White Fume Enclosure Exhausting & Filtering System

    WHITE FUME ENCLOSURE EXHAUSTING & FILTERING SYSTEM is a system for controlling and filtering white fumes generated in industrial processes. The system is designed to exhaust and filter the harmful white smoke produced to ensure indoor air quality and environmental safety. It usually consists of a closed enclosure that surrounds the equipment or process that produces white smoke and is equipped with an exhaust and filtration system to ensure that the white smoke does not escape or cause harm to the environment. The system may also include monitoring and control equipment to ensure that white smoke emissions comply with relevant standards and regulations. WHITE FUME ENCLOSURE EXHAUSTING & FILTERING SYSTEM is widely used in chemical, metal processing, welding, spraying and other industries to improve the air quality in the workplace, protect workers’ health, and reduce the impact on the environment.

  • Drying Pit

    Drying Pit

    Product Description After being fully rinsed, the plated parts shall be completely put into the plating aid solution for solvent treatment. After soaking for 1-2 minutes, they shall be dried. The hot-dip galvanized sheet shall be dried with hot air before immersion, and the hot air shall continuously flow outward through the drying chamber to drain the water of the plating aid attached to the surface of the plating piece. The hot air flowing in the drying pit shall be controlled at 100 ℃...
  • Acid vapors full enclosure collecting & Scrubbing tower

    Acid vapors full enclosure collecting & Scrubbing tower

    Product Description 1,All pretreatment tanks shall be built above the ground and inside pits. Build a fully enclosed pickling room to prevent acid mist outleakage causing corrosion to other equipment. 2,Enclosed room is fabricated with exterior steel structure and interior PVC crusting acid resistant board structure. Gaps between board and board are well sealed by glass cement. Acid resistant wood board are installed 2 meters below pickling room, installed with glass windows to observe...