Small Parts Galvanizing lines(Robort)

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Small Parts Galvanizing lines(Robort)
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  • Galvanizing of small parts is an important part of the galvanizing industry, including standard parts, malleable steel parts, steel caps, power fittings and miscellaneous parts. Because of its high process temperature, serious pollution, simple equipment, simple production environment and high labor intensity of workers. With the social progress and the substantial increase of labor costs, the small piece galvanizing industry urgently needs to change the status quo, which puts forward urgent requirements for new energy-saving processes and efficient production equipment. First of all, through on-site inspection, we have a preliminary understanding of the production process and production status of small pieces of hot-dip galvanizing.
    Combined with experiments, the process parameters of each section in the production of small pieces of hot-dip galvanizing were determined. At present, small pieces are hot-dip galvanized at high temperature in production, rather than the traditional hot-dip galvanizing temperature that can form better coating quality. Through the research of zinc plating and centrifugal process, the technological parameters of small pieces hot dip plating at 450 ℃ traditional zinc plating temperature were determined.
    Secondly, according to the above process parameters, the rotary galvanizing device, pretreatment device and post-treatment device are designed respectively. Rotary galvanizing machine simplifies the process of galvanizing and centrifugation, and integrates galvanizing and centrifugation. The zinc liquid separated by centrifugation directly falls into the zinc pot, which reduces the heat loss and the generation of zinc ash. In addition, it is equipped with an annular zinc pot, which improves the production efficiency, meets the requirements of the process parameters of the traditional temperature hot dip plating, and can complete the hot dip plating of small pieces at the traditional temperature (450 ℃); The pretreatment device is designed with hexagonal drum and gantry traveling trolley structure, which has high pretreatment efficiency; The post-treatment device solves the problem of coating quality caused by violent collision between workpieces of the current post-treatment equipment, and the design meets the needs of galvanizing.

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